MATH 245-Differential Equations


Semester: Fall 2019-2020


Instructor: Prof. Dr. Billur Kaymakcalan 


Schedule and Places: 

Thursday: 15:20-17:10; R213

Friday: 11:20-13:10; R213


Office Hours: Monday, Thursday: 14:00-15:00, R-208

Catalog Description: Existence-uniqueness theorem of first order initial value problems. First order equations (Separable, linear, exact, etc.). Higher order linear ordinary differential equations. Constant coefficient equations. Reduction of order method, method of undetermined coefficients, method of variation of parameters. Cauchy-Euler equations. Power series solutions. The Laplace transform. Convolution integral. Solution of initial value problems using Laplace transform. Solution of systems of linear differential equations by simple elimination and by the Laplace transform.

Fundamentals of Differential Equations, 6'th Edition, Nagle-Saff-Snider, ISBN# 0-321-14572-0

Evaluation Criteria

2 Midterm Exams (30 pts. each),

Final Exam (40 pts.)